Jan 23 2012

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Here we go!  ONSET celebrates 10 fucking years this Saturday!  Its been a long, crazy ride- huge thanks and much respect to the multiple generations of Seattle bassheads who have kept the night alive.  What started as a small underground weekly gathering of friends has grown into an internationally renowned pit stop for the biggest players in the game.  Much love to the 206 community, and as always, SUPPORT DRUM & BASS!

For our decade celebration, we thought it fitting to bring a UK legend who helped shape the sound of ONSET in its early years.  The original Freak, DYLAN returns to the dungeon lay down a special OLD SCHOOL D&B set to take us back and brock out.  His most recent mix on LA’s Respect Radio is not an old school but it showcases some heavy forthcoming (and now released) material on Freak.  In true radio show fashion, he gets chatty and gives us an insight to his character.  Enjoy.  And see you Saturday!


Dylan on Respect Radio Sept 2011


Smiler – Dragon [Freak]
Kitech – Bleeding Eyes And Aristocrats [Freak]
Dylan, Audio & Robyn Chaos – Rapture (Treo & Axiom Remix) [Freak]
Dylan & Kitech Feat. Zilla Rocca – Straight To Hell
Throttler – Blaze Thorn [Freak]
Antichristus – Vial [Freak]
Hostage – Big Shadow [Freak]
Xtm – Cargo (Necrotics Remix) [Freak]
Treo & Kano – Spy [Freak]
Dylan & Kitech Feat. Robyn Chaos – The Truth Isn’t Really Real [Freak]
Limewax – Everything (Kitech Remix) [Freak]
Future Signal – Bloodbath [Freak]
Dylan & Kitech – Bad Dreams In The Night [Freak]
Hostage – Ce Tua [Freak]
Dylan & Kitech Feat. Zilla Rocca, Curly Castro & Illusid – Philly Crime [Freak]

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