May 17 2012

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One of the most influential and prolific names in darkside drum & bass, Cause 4 Concern returns to Seattle May 26th. Stu C4C is back to give us a heavy dose of that good tech. He is joined by one of the stateside’s rising stars, Legion, signed to Viper Recordings. Expect high energy floor pleasers and sweaty bodies til the lights come on.

Now brock out to a mix Stu recorded late last year.

STU C4C Mix 12/09/2011


01.Cause4Concern – Never Acid Again (NeonLight Rmx)
02.Silent Witness & Klute – Friendless
03.Optiv – Untitled
04.Rido – Focus
05.Ulterior Motive – Telsa
06.Stakka & Skynet – Voyager (Skynet Vip)
07.Fierce & Spy – Fury
08.Bangta Rights – Sleeperz (Cause4Concern Rmx)
09.Cause4Concern – Dubfunk (Nocturnal Rmx)
10.xtrah – Contortion
11.Future Shock – jubei
12.Little Dragon – Little Man (Teebee & Calyx Rmx)
13.Prolix & Silent Witness – Stale Habits
14.Siren – Snorkel (Spy Rmx)
15.Cause4Concern & Audio – OddBall
16.Cause4Concern – Untitled
17.Gridlok & Blokhe4d – Badcat
18.Optiv & Btk – Kingpin
19.Cyantific & Wilkinson – Get Into It
>>>Subhuman – Eggplant<<< 20.Universal Project & Meth – Back To Black >>>Commix – Roots Train<<<
21.Optiv & Btk – Riptide
22.Cause4Concern – Luca (Silent Witness Rmx)

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Apr 13 2012

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New Zealand’s CONCORD DAWN makes a first time appearance at ONSET Saturday April 28th.  Also featuring a rare performance from 206 DNB pioneer Zacharia. Locals Surpass and MBM warm things up.  Not to be missed.

Concord Dawn recently put up a pair of FREE tracks on their Soundcloud, available for download below.
Also, check out a recent mix recorded for 1Xtra in September of last year.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Concord Dawn – Electrocute

FREE DOWNLOAD: Concord Dawn – Ion

Concord Dawn 1xtra Mix


01. Concord Dawn 1925 – Uprising – The Race To Zero EP
02. Chris SU and State of Mind – Burnout – Dub
03. Concord Dawn – Eagles 100 – Dub
04. Little Dragon – Little Man – Calyx and Teebee Remix
05. Concord Dawn – Ion – Uprising
06. The Thomas Oliver Band – Baby Ill Play – Trei Remix – Uprising
07. Telekinesis – She Wants To Skate – Dub
08. Concord Dawn – Hush – Uprising – The Race To Zero EP
09. Concord Dawn – Hindsight – Uprising – The Race To Zero EP
10. Dose – Caffeine Dreams – Subtitles
11. Concord Dawn – Better Days – Dub
12. Prolix and Dose – No One Else – Uprising Dub
13. Concord Dawn – Samba Impossible – Uprising – The Race To Zero EP

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Feb 21 2012
ONSET presents: MACHETE (Respect -LA)

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The original LA junglist returns to Seattle to show us how the West Coast rocks it. A true pioneer of the stateside movement and one of the hardest working figures in drum & bass, MACHETE flexes his blades this Saturday. Peep the mix recorded late last year on his own world-renowned online show, Respect Radio.

Machete Live on DnB Radio Nov 2011

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Jan 23 2012

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Here we go!  ONSET celebrates 10 fucking years this Saturday!  Its been a long, crazy ride- huge thanks and much respect to the multiple generations of Seattle bassheads who have kept the night alive.  What started as a small underground weekly gathering of friends has grown into an internationally renowned pit stop for the biggest players in the game.  Much love to the 206 community, and as always, SUPPORT DRUM & BASS!

For our decade celebration, we thought it fitting to bring a UK legend who helped shape the sound of ONSET in its early years.  The original Freak, DYLAN returns to the dungeon lay down a special OLD SCHOOL D&B set to take us back and brock out.  His most recent mix on LA’s Respect Radio is not an old school but it showcases some heavy forthcoming (and now released) material on Freak.  In true radio show fashion, he gets chatty and gives us an insight to his character.  Enjoy.  And see you Saturday!


Dylan on Respect Radio Sept 2011


Smiler – Dragon [Freak]
Kitech – Bleeding Eyes And Aristocrats [Freak]
Dylan, Audio & Robyn Chaos – Rapture (Treo & Axiom Remix) [Freak]
Dylan & Kitech Feat. Zilla Rocca – Straight To Hell
Throttler – Blaze Thorn [Freak]
Antichristus – Vial [Freak]
Hostage – Big Shadow [Freak]
Xtm – Cargo (Necrotics Remix) [Freak]
Treo & Kano – Spy [Freak]
Dylan & Kitech Feat. Robyn Chaos – The Truth Isn’t Really Real [Freak]
Limewax – Everything (Kitech Remix) [Freak]
Future Signal – Bloodbath [Freak]
Dylan & Kitech – Bad Dreams In The Night [Freak]
Hostage – Ce Tua [Freak]
Dylan & Kitech Feat. Zilla Rocca, Curly Castro & Illusid – Philly Crime [Freak]

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Oct 28 2011

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Saturday sees the return of our annual Halloween facemelt festival, SCARY NOISES! Featuring the unholy sounds of GEIN and a special all tearout set from CLAW of Hulk! Be warned.

GEIN – Bad Chemistry Podcast vol. 003
GEIN and Counterstrike – Anarchy [Bad Chemistry]
Counterstrike and Zardonic – When Worlds Collide [Counterstrike]
GEIN and Evol Intent – Know Your Enemy [Evol Intent]
Dead Phantoms – All I Wannes [Intransigent]
Nanotek and Machine Code – Nanomachine [???]
Demo – O.D. (GEIN and Counterstrike Remix) [Human]
Demo – O.D. (Counterstrike Dubstep Mix) [Human]
GEIN – Dont Be Mad [Play Me 2]
Counterstrike, SPL and Limewax – Killing Machine (Sinister Souls Remix) [Algorhythm]
Bro Safari and Nerd Rage – Real Life [Ultragore]
GEIN and Counterstrike – Killer [Bad Chemistry]
GEIN and Evol Intent – Battle [Evol Intent]
Gancher and Loop Stepwalker – Dominator [???]
GEIN and Counterstrike – Pentagram (GEIN VIP) [Bad Chemistry]
GEIN and Counterstrike – Psychic Weapon [Bad Chemistry]
GEIN and Black6 – Bang [Play Me 2]
Current Value – Indivisible Force (Nanotek Remix) [Freak]
Evol Intent – Odd Number (Bare Remix) [Evol Intent]
GEIN and Evol Intent – Hit em’ up [Evol Intent]
GEIN and Black6 – Definition [Play Me 2]
Dub Elements – Black Ninja [Prspct]
Evol Intent – Era Of Diversion (GEIN and Black6 Remix) [Evol Intent]
GEIN – Chemistry [Habit]

GEIN – Bad Chemistry Podcast vol. 003 (192) by abelGEIN

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Aug 15 2011
Dispatch Recordings’ ANT TC1 this SATURDAY. Promo mix by TREMOR.

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Dispatch Recordings founder ANT TC1 stops in this Saturday to school Seattle on intelligent drum & bass. Our own Matt Tremor put together an all Dispatch Recordings mix in anticipation. Enjoy.

All Dispatch Recordings mix (August, 2011) by Matt Tremor


01. Ant TC1 – “Mode Destruction”
02. Chris SU, Stress Level & Ant TC1 – “Waves” (Survival Remix)
03. EBK – “Mud”
04. Break & Survival – “Sick”
05. Chris Octane & DLR – “Back In The Grind”
06. Nymfo – “Recollection”
07. Cern & Dabs – “Insight”
08. Optiv & BTK – “Get Ready”
09. Chris Octane & DLR – “The Walrus”
10. Dabs & Safire – “Back & Forth”
11. Chris Octane, DLR & Ant TC1 – “The Jazz Club”
12. Stress Level & Ant TC1 – “Lost In Music” (Part 2)
13. Survival & Paul T – “Rationale”
14. LM1 & Kharm – “Duplicity”
15. Skeptical – “Structure” (feat MC Fokus)
16. Survival – “Harsh Language”
17. Chris Octane & DLR – “Dropout”
18. Cern & Nymfo – “Desert Heat”
19. Ant TC1 & Chris Octane – “District”
20. Skeptical & Dub Phizix – “Silo”
21. ST Files – “Weight Down”
22. Bal – “All City”
23. Paul T & Survival – “Sunshine”
24. DLR – “Elsewhere”
25. Spinline & Hydro – “Blindfolded”
26. Break & Survival – “Your Time Will Come”
27. Chris Octane & DLR – “Seven”
28. Cern & Dabs – “Oh The Horror”
29. Ant TC1 & DLR – “Space & Time”
30. Zero T & Survival – “No More” (feat Steo)

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Aug 02 2011

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This Saturday, ONSET is proud to announce the Seattle debut of acclaimed dubstep producer SEVEN.  Based in London, UK. Seven is an artist in high demand both for his DJ skills and production.  His distinctive sound is original, versatile and recognised across the globe.  Seven already has impressive discography featured on Tempa, Blackbox records, One Gun Salute, Wheel n Deal and Subway Recordings and his anticipated debut album is due for release in Autumn/Winter of 2011.  Seven is also one of the most technical and crowd friendly DJ’s on the dubstep scene today. Double dropping highly anticipated dub plates for non stop in your face vibes.  Quoted from his fellow established artists; “Seven is a headliner DJ to make your event, his energetic performances, orchestrating euphoric vibes and big crowd reaction sums this up”.

@Temple Billiards, 126 S. Jackson St. Seattle, $6 All Night

DOWNLOAD: SEVEN Sub.mission Podcast 14


J Kenzo – Roteks
Dj Madd – Battle VIP
Biome – Tension
Seven – Cerebral
J Kenzo – Ruff House
Seven – Demons
Matt U – Unforgiven
Dj Madd – Pitch Black VIP
J Kenzo – Nocturnal Feelings
Seven – Follow The Rabbit
Seven – Feel It
Benny Page – Taking Over
Seven – Wait VIP
Koan Sound – Trouble In The West
Crushington – Look At Me Now
Crushington – Paper Walls
Seven and Elvee – Crime Doesn’t Pay

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Jul 12 2011

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This weekend Onset brings you a lesson in true junglism. The legendary A-Sides returns longside up and coming talent and Metalheadz label-mate Sinistarr.  Here’s a pair of mixes to whet the appetite.  A-Sides hits us with a classy, hard hitting set while Sinistarr gives us a history lesson, Metalheadz style.

@Temple Billiards, 126 S. Jackson St. Seattle, $7 All Night




Sinistarr Metalheadz Tribute for Everyday Junglist Podcast by sinistarr

1. Spirit – ReDial
2. Prolix & Nocturnal – Existence
3. Subwave – Dreamcatcher VIP
4. Commix – Justified (Spectrasoul Remix)\
5. Ulterior Motive & FD – All That we Are
6. Kiat – Feeder
7. Untitled Track (!)
8. Sinistarr – Mainstay
9. D Bridge & Vegas – True Romance VIP
10. Lemon D – Universal Soldier
11. Data – Encryption
12. Jubei – Patience
13. Commix – Belleview / Sinistarr w. Redeyes – Solar 9 (Acapella/Sinistarr warped edit)
14. Heist – Nil By Mouth
15. J Majik & Wickaman – Old Headz
16. Goldie – Kaiser Salsek

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Jul 08 2011
Onset & Trashed present: SURGE this Saturday! Promo mix by Flat Black.

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Onset & Trashed Present: Surge Promo Mix

Flat Black presents a promo mix for our upcoming monthly series of shows focusing on sexy, high energy drum & bass.  Every second Saturday, SURGE kicks off this Saturday featuring Subsonik.

@Temple Billiards, 126 S. Jackson St. Seattle, $5 All Night

Surge – Drum & Bass Mix – Summer 2011 by Flat Black

01. Brookes Brothers feat. Robert Owens – Beautiful
02. Jessie J – Nobody’s Perfect (Netsky Remix)
03. Modestep – Feel Good (The Prototypes Remix)
04. Danny Byrd – Moonwalker
05. Nu:Tone feat. Natalie Williams – Shine In
06. Mattix & Futile – Substance
07. DJ Fresh & Sigma – Lassitude (Sigma VIP)
08. D-Fiance – Falling From Earth
09. L Plus – Yellow Star
10. Danny Byrd – We Can Have It All (Sigma Remix)
11. KOS, Tenchu & Break Pitt – Glory Days
12. State Of Mind – Universe
13. Mindscape – Bounce
14. Current Value feat. Snow – Shy Flame
15. Fourward – Wishes (Mindscape Remix)
16. Disaszt – Together (DC Breaks Remix)
17. State Of Mind feat. P.Digsss – Vega
18. Don Diablo feat. Dragonette – Animale (The Prototypes Remix)
19. Hadouken! – Mic Check (Camo & Krooked Remix)
20. Figure feat. Whiskey Pete – Cut Throat

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Jun 17 2011
ONSET presents: OPTIV of C4C

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Releasing music for the best part of 13 years, Optiv, otherwise known as Edward Holmes has been an integral member of possibly one the most influential Drum & Bass collectives the scene has ever witnessed – Cause4Concern. When Optiv’s music career began the term MP3 was a mere twinkle in the eye of future music format and at this time acetate was the preferred method for documenting. It’s clear to see that with his music being pressed to vinyl on over 20 different labels he has earned his colours and stripes as a master of his trade. 2002 saw the beginning of Optiv’s own imprint, Red Light Records, where he released the labels debut 12″ ‘Strangeways’ b/w ‘Flatworm’ and since then the label has seen lots of solo work plus collaborations with Axiom, and Rymetyme on tracks that optimise the Red Light sound, techy, rolling and always at a super high production level. Now living in Switzerland, Optiv continues to deliver outstanding music through Red Light and with the re-ignition of Cause4Concern and further projects in the pipeline, 2011 is set to be an exciting year!

Optiv makes his first Seattle appearance at ONSET this Saturday alongside Canada’s PSIDREAM.

126. S Jackson St. Seattle WA |  21+ |  10pm – 2am



Axiom – Dark Skies
Noisia & Joe Seven – Ease Forward
Optiv – Smoke Screen
Optiv & MarkC4C – Distress Signal
SideChain – Grotesque
Panic Girl – Burnandrise (Phace remix)
Optiv, BTK & Presence Known – Crawler
Borderline – Drunk With Venom
Proktah – Failure Notice
Optiv – Generation Lost
Dose – Squander
BSE BP & SOM – Roulette
Prolix – London’s Burning Remix
BSE – Chaingang
Optiv & MarkC4C – Nothing Lasts Forever
Axiom – She Said Destroy


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