Aug 16 2010

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A California Native, Calculon has been listening to electronic music for well over a decade. After several years of DJing and promoting events he became interested in making his own tracks to mix into his sets. After joining the Rubik Records team alongside Kubiks, he has been doing A&R for the internationally respected label and has played shows from Bristol to San Francisco. To date he has successfully signed tunes to labels such as Phunkfiction, Rubik Records, Fokuz Recordings, Human Elements, and Sublife. He also started the bootleg Vinyl Labels Beard and Smash Dubs, both of which have had their debut releases hit #2 on the Juno and Chemical charts. DJ Support for Calculon’s original tracks and bootlegs come from DJs such as Logistics, Crissy Criss, A-Sides, AK1200, Reid Speed, Kubiks, and Infiltrata. Also a part of the Bassdrive Family, he has a weekly show Thursdays from 6 to 8pm PST on Whether you hear his tunes on 1XTRA or Bassdrive, you will hear the soul and impact in the music.

Appearing @ ONSET this Saturday, Aug 21st.126 S. Jackson St. Seattle | FREE before 11PM, $3 After | 10pm – 2am

Check out his blog-infamous remixes of MIA and Santogold:


DOWNLOAD: “MIA – Paper Planes (Calculon Remix)”


DOWNLOAD: “Santogold – Starstruck (Calulon & Eric Yo Remix”

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Jul 30 2010

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Seattle’s own Surpass has been making waves in the global dubstep scene with his style of bass-heavy hitters. On his latest EP, he displays a more refined approach, this time paying homage to drum & bass’ atmospheric side. Title track Contemplate flows smoothly across the dancefloor with a sweeping range of emotion and uplifting sensibility, while Survive brings raw soul and a classic liquid funk sound. The amen-charged atmospherics of Treatise provide a lush soundscape and Set Me Free brings the tempo back down with a catchy dub-fueled synth mover.

In addition, Surpass has provided us with a free dubstep download.  M.I.M. hits the dancefloor running with a flurry of bass modulation and driving riddims.

DOWNLOAD: Surpass – M.I.M.


Surpass – Contemplate (Clip)

Surpass – Survive (Clip)

Surpass – Treatise (Clip)

Surpass – Set Me Free (Clip)

Buy it here:

Go to Get These Tracks Add This Player

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Jun 25 2010

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San Diego Dubstep and DNB beatsmith Phrenik touches down at Onset tomorrow with years of crowd rocking experience under his belt.  Check out two FREE downloads courtesy of his label, Sub Pressure Records, to get an idea of whats in store Saturday night.

Aaron Simpson and Hexidecibel open.  126 S. Jackson St. Seattle | FREE before 11PM, $3 After | 10pm – 2am


DOWNLOAD: “Rhianna – Disturbia (Phrenik RMX)”


DOWNLOAD: “Phrenik – Take Me Away”

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May 04 2010

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Subtitles mastermind Teebee recently put up a few bits older bits on his Soundcloud.  Back in 2001 he constructed a tune with a Nate Dogg vocal and the result is a breaky, smooth, hook-driven number for the floor.  Available for download below.


DOWNLOAD: “Teebee & Nate Dogg – Took Your Love”

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May 03 2010

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TZR puts together a little Dubstep refix of a 90s throwback.  Check out his Soundcloud HERE.


DOWNLOAD: “Sneaker Pimps- Becoming X (TZR Dubstep Bootleg)

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Apr 19 2010

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SPL & Triage continue to make waves in the dubstep scene with their signature style of dark and neuro-y vibes.  Hot off a massive release on his own imprint and a pair of heavy remixes for Bassnectar and Mike Balance, SPL has cemented his place as a major player of the genre.  Meanwhile, Triage’s rapid rise to stardom is underway, with huge remixes for Excision and Datsik and a handful of forthcoming material including a remix for Onset Audio.  These are the guys to look out for in 2010.  Check out a free remix of Drake’s Forever by SPL and Triage’s latest mix on Hollowpoint’s Podcats series.  Catch them LIVE at Onset this weekend!

(Temple Billiards, Downstairs in the Deep Down Lounge, 126 S. Jackson St. Seattle, $6)


DOWNLOAD: Drake – Forever (SPL Alternate Rmx)


DOWNLOAD: Triage – Hollowpoint Podcast 4

1. Mayhem – Hood Jam (Forthcoming Subway)
2. Youngsta and Seven – Masai Mara (Wheel and Deal Records)
3. The Bassist and Triage – Jonestown (dub)
4. Vaski – Zombie Apocalypse (Forthcoming Rottun Recordings)
5. Boot – Intifada (Forthcoming Rogue Dubs)
6. Lea Luna – Thrill Of The Chase – SPL remix (Forthcoming Play Me Records)
7. Excision and Datsik – Boom – Triage remix (Forthcoming Rottun Recordings)
8. Bassnectar – Basshead – SPL remix (Amorphous Music)
9. The Bassist and Triage – Sleeper – (Forthcoming Requiem Audio)
10. Excision – No Escape – Triage remix (Rottun Recordings)
11. SPL and Triage – A Flame In Your Heart (Lime Dubs)
12. Mayhem – Damn! (Forthcoming Argon)
13. Dubtek – Grief (Forthcoming Terminal Dusk)
14. 501 – Favorite Sin (DubTing)
15. SPL and Triage – Valhalla (Forthcoming Hollow Point)
16. Excision and Datsik – Swagga – Downlink remix (Forthcoming EX7)
17. Boot – Controlling Your Environment (Forthcoming Rogue Dubs)
18. Matt-U and Riskotheque – Guillotine Growl (Forthcoming Boka)
19. Chewie and Dubtek – Discipline (Forthcoming Vicious Audio)
20. Fourward – Fury – The Bassist remix (Simplify Recordings)
21. Sook – Thing-a-mo-tron (dub)
22. Mayhem – Get Buck (Forthcoming Lime Dubs)
23. Drake – Forever – (SPL bootleg)
>>> Joker and Ginz – Purple City (Kapsize) <<<
24. SPL – Back At It (Forthcoming Hollow Point)
25. Reso – Beasts In The Basement (Civil Music)
26. SPL – Low Girl (Forthcoming Hollow Point)
27. Droid Sector – Broken Hopes (Forthcoming Requiem Audio)
28. Rob Sparx – Bloodbath – Bar 9 remix (Z Audio)
29. Adam Freeland – We Want Your Soul (The Bassist and Triage bootleg)
30. Triage – Pitbull (dub)

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Mar 04 2010

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Eric Yo! aka Probable Cause played at Onset last week and dropped a smooth, eclectic set of liquid movers and exclusive remixes.  Somewhat of an ambassador to the San Diego dnb circuit, Eric has tossed a few bootlegs and remixes our way.  Included are his now infamous Santogold dnb refixes (with Calculon), and a pair of dubstep remixes with production partner Puppy Kicker.

[audio:] Santogold- Starstruck (Eric Yo! & Calculon DNB Remix)

[audio:] Santogold- Unstoppable (Eric Yo! & Calculon DNB Bootleg)

[audio: Riots_Rmx.mp3] Shark Attack- Northern City Riots (Puppy Kicker & Eric Yo! Dubstep Rmx)

[audio:] Ozzy Osbourne & Lita Ford- Close My Eyes Forever (Puppy Kicker & Eric Yo! Dubstep Rmx)

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Feb 23 2010

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Onset’s got liquid drum n bass vibes this week from Toronto producer Mutt.  Releases on Fokuz, Renegade, and Creative Source have catapulted this guy to the forefront of the sub-genre in the past few years.  Known for his lush soundscapes and his traditional musical approach to his tunes, expect soulful vibes and smooth mixing this Saturday.
Here’s a couple choice cuts off his free EP “My Old Hardrive” found here.  Also included is a minimal dubstep number courtesy of

[audio:] Mutt- Lets Get Away

[audio:] Mutt- Soul Sista

[audio:] Mutt- Heavylidded

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Feb 08 2010

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Swytch of Trill Bass touches down at Onset this Saturday to drop his signature brand of hard crunkstep. The Trill Bass crew (Swytch, 2sense, DJ Lord) has defined a new sound in the world of Dubstep for the past few years. Coming off of a recent tear-out year, including an official remix for Wu-Tang, a CD Feature from EDM Legends ‘Detroit Grand Pubas’, over 20,000 mixtape downloads, several vinyl on the top of the charts, and packed shows all over the United States, it’s full steam ahead for Trillbass in 2010. With some huge remixes and releases coming up and more exciting shows already planned, its all about Trillbass this year.

Before Trillbass, members Swytch and 2sense collobarated on a DNB project called Tetradin. Signed to none other than Dieselboy’s Human Imprint, Renegade Hardware, & Dylan’s Obscene label, the two eventually decided to put the project on hold move on to dubstep. However, I caught up with Swytch for an interview and he gave Onset Audio a handful of EXCLUSIVE unreleased tunes and some exciting DNB news!  Enjoy!


Whatever happened to Tetradin?
Well, Tetradin started out as 2sense, Eric E, Gyromite, and Swytch… We made tunes for a few years, then Swytch left to redefine his sound on the West Coast, finding a crazy Dubstep scene and released his first track alongside Infiltrata, aka 12th Planet. The 3 remaining members continued the tunes, landing big remixes and releases on several big labels. Then, as swift as it started, it ended… Tetradin was basicly disbanded in late 2007, as we all kind of had different ideas of what we wanted to do. Eric E was pushing into Electro type sounds, 2sense was moving on towards hip hop, before reuniting with Swytch. Gyromite was still doing DNB, but we really all kind of wanted something different for ourselves, so as a mutual decision, we kind of decided to hang up the DNB Hats. There has been talk recently of some new DNB between Trillbass and Eric E though!! And obviously, 2sense and Swytch are still working as ‘TRiLLBASS’.. so I guess you could say Tetradin didn’t really END.. just took a break, only to be reunited again, under different names, with more experience, a bigger skillset, and way sicker sounds..

What does Trill Bass have planned for 2010?

We have a lot planned for 2010. We have mutually parted ways with Claw, as he will be working on a new project that we fully support ‘HULK‘ with Richie August. so Swytch, 2sense and DJ Lord will be flying the Trill flag for 2010. Obviously we will still be pushing our vinyl label TRiLLBASS Records.. We have some SUPER SUPER HUGE remixes we’re doing that will hit hard in 2010. We will be actually working with some old and new friends closely in the following year too. Namely Eric E (Formerly of Tetradin, and now with Your Dirty Habit).. and our good friend E tubbs, who mainly does hip hop productions, and collabed w/ us on our Wu-Tang remix, and more recently our free giveaway Owl City – Firefly (dubstep remix).
We will be doing a west coast tour in Febuary (for booking hit up ). We are also launching a new website, and generally plan to take things to a whole new level this year. We will be pushing Dubstep, Electro, Hip Hop, and whatever else we get into.. 2010 is the year for BASS MUSIC.  We plan on seeing you guys @ SXSW and Winter Music Conference, bringing out the new ish – Reprazentin’ TRiLL to the extreme.  Hopefully hitting the studio with the 12th Planet here in the Eastern TRiLLosphere and then the West Coast to tour and continue crashin’ the studios.

What is the future of dubstep?
2sense: I think the future of dubstep is looking great. There are all kind of new sounds coming out of the U.S and abroad, and it really reminds me of when the first big wave of U.S producers started really making big Jungle moves years ago. It should be an interesting next couple of years to see where the sound goes. That is the great thing about music though, you really never know where the future is headed, but it sure is exciting to be a part of the making of that future.

Swytch: Ahh, what a crazy road it’s been for TRiLLBASS over the past couple years.  Starting with a remix of Self Similar’s “9mm” for Rottun Recordings, out of the gate we came with a hard hip hop influenced sound that really wasn’t the norm at all at that time.  I think the future of dubstep is going to be larger than it already is, (which is running full tilt right now) with the super grimey and the ultra poppy combining to create a sound that everyone will enjoy.  I’d like to definitely give you a few people to look out for this year :  Ultrablack killing the South West, 12th Planet bringin the perfect example of Pop Smasher Step, Hulk doing their damn thing, keepin it Bro! and also be on the lookout for Borgore – If you don’t know now, you will very soon.

What is the future of drum n bass?
2sense: I’ll be honest, I havn’t really listened to dnb in a long while. definitely not in long enough to even really have a real opinion on where its going. Can I say more jumpup?  I dunno really..

Swytch: I’d really like to see the “rules & regulations” of Drum n Bass take the attitude that Dubstep has and break down the science in exchange for more creativity and less formula – Heavy Bass and Drums is where I would personally like to see it go, and after being lucky enough to be on the road with the POTD crew, I think that after 10 years together, they still put down real Drum n Bass – true soldiers.  Much respect to DSL, AK, Dara, and J Messinian for keeping the music that raised me alive – the future looks good and you will probably hear some new 175bpm escaping from the TRiLL Camp in the next couple months.  The Hiatus is done.  Watch your face, feel the bass.


Tetradin – Futurebound

Tetradin – Infectious

Tetradin – Ruthless Renegade

Tetradin – The Arm


TrillBass & Solace – Stackin

Koan Sound – Mafia (TrillBass Remix)

Major Lazer – Pon De Floor (TRiLLBASS Remix)

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Jan 11 2010

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B. Rich has been destroying it lately with his dubstep remixes and this next one is more then enough to prove that. This track is EPIC! With the 8 yr coming up I think I’m gonna have to try and sneak a little dubstep in to my set, this track being one of them… Loving it! Enjoy…

Tiesto – Knock You Out ft Emily Haines (B. Rich Remix)

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